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Capital Advisory

Insurance & Financing Solutions

Deep expertise in insurance and alternative capital to offer customized products that blend the best of both markets.

Insurance is one of the market’s least understood financial tools.

Teneo’s structured solutions team combines deep expertise in insurance and alternative capital to offer our clients customized products that blend the best of both markets.

Clients seeking efficient solutions to strategic or financial situations are rarely offered insurance alternatives. Traditional advisors typically lack a sophisticated understanding of the insurance industry while insurance brokers lack the knowledge and expertise to structure and execute transactions in the alternative capital markets.

Our clients include corporates and alternative capital managers from around the world. Using sophisticated tools and tailored structures from the insurance and alternative capital markets, we provide our clients with bespoke solutions that address the following common needs and challenges.

Insurance & Financing Solutions Diagram

Common Themes We Address

  • Private Capital Needs
  • Illiquidity
  • “Mis-priced” Funding Cost
  • Regulatory Inefficiencies
  • Litigation
  • Financial Backstops
  • Credit Enhancement
  • Large, Binary Risks
  • Large, Remote Risks

Teneo and Cobbs Allen

To facilitate Teneo’s ability to offer the best possible insurance-related offerings to our clients we entered into a partnership with Cobbs Allen and jointly formed an insurance solutions brokerage business that provides structured insurance products designed to address a spectrum of financial, strategic and operational challenges facing companies and organizations around the world.

The Teneo and Cobbs Allen partnership offers both with the in-house expertise to structure value-added, bespoke insurance products that can help solve even the most complex situations.