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Strategy & Communications


Crisis Management & Preparedness

Providing the full suite of business crisis management consulting needs before, during, and post-event.

Almost every company will experience a significant crisis at some point, leading to hostile public discourse resulting in the negative perception of a company and its leadership team. Understanding the depth and breadth of potential risks ahead of time, being prepared to respond, and acting quickly to rebuild confidence after a crisis are crucial to a successful response and continued faith in an organization’s leadership.

Teneo helps company leadership develop a corporate crisis management plan, manage reputational risk during crisis situations and transform the company to better execute its mission and strategy. Our crisis management consultants are experts that develop and execute holistic crisis response strategies that ensure alignment with legal and core business imperatives.

Crisis Management Preparedness

Teneo’s crisis management consultants work with organizations to identify and mitigate the risks they face. Our experts build bespoke crisis management processes that ensure clients and their teams are well equipped to manage crises when they do occur.

Active Response

In a crisis, the goal is always the same: to mitigate risk, sustain trust and credibility, and protect reputations and the long-term license to operate. Our crisis management consultants are experts in helping clients navigate difficult business situations.


Teneo’s team of effective crisis management consultants and financial experts advise clients on organizational needs, and structural considerations. This helps enable true long-term change management, allowing clients to maintain credibility and trust.

Issues Management

Our crisis management steps help organizations manage issues that have the potential to impact business outcomes. We look beyond the short-term, helping organizations to anticipate and prepare for issues, and helping them adapt and respond once an immediate issue has passed. And we help them take advantage of the opportunities and navigate the risks that issues create. We deploy a range of capabilities to manage issues effectively, including media relations, political and stakeholder analysis, insight and engagement, and managing the digital conversation.