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Strategy & Communications


Litigation & Enforcement Action

Supporting clients through the highest-profile litigation and enforcement actions in the world.

A well run communications strategy can dramatically change the public’s understanding of a company's role in high-stakes litigation and/or enforcement matters; a good communications plan will not only support the overall legal strategy, but will serve to protect the company’s reputation outside the courtroom.

Teneo has an unmatched depth of experience supporting clients through the highest-profile litigation and enforcement actions in the world. This begins with pre-event preparedness and lasts through the ongoing issue management, resolution of the matter, and rebuilding post-resolution.


Teneo’s experts work closely with leadership teams and external legal counsel during periods of sensitive litigation. Our expertise informs a process through which the client will have a more complete understanding of how to manage the matter on an ongoing basis, as well as the implications for the company and its stakeholders based upon how the matter unfolds.

Teneo works closely with clients and their legal counsel to ensure that a resolution of litigation is positioned accurately, in the context of significant scrutiny, and in light of the litigated outcome.


Teneo works alongside each client to manage through these external and internal inquiries to support transparency and credibility that will protect reputation over the long term. Our team collaborates with internal investigators to identify key risks associated with the issues at hand. This allows the client to prepare for a broad spectrum of potential outcomes and ensure that communications are consistent and accurate throughout the investigation.

Additionally, our team of experts can utilize the findings of the investigation to make comprehensive recommendations regarding suggested reforms or organizational restructurings the client can make to demonstrate that is has emerged from the investigation stronger than before.