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Risk Advisory

Mitigating an array of interdisciplinary and intersecting risks, including political, physical, cyber security and pandemic.

Teneo’s Risk Advisory business segment offers CEOs a holistic approach to identify, manage, and mitigate operational risks to their businesses. We provide comprehensive strategic guidance to build risk awareness, resiliency and mitigation.

This business segment, led by former New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton, is comprised of a world-class team from the most respected corporate, military, intelligence, consulting, technology, public health and public-safety organizations. Our team’s vast experience and backgrounds equip us to address a myriad of internal and external threats which CEOs must navigate on a daily basis.

David Lurie
I've really gotten a wide swathe of things to work on and that's been my favorite thing about working here.
David Lurie
Senior Vice President

David Lurie is a Senior Vice President with Teneo based in New York. In his role, he focuses on corporate communications, CEO positioning, and integrated digital strategy.

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