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ESG Advisory Offering

Teneo possesses a holistic view of the ESG landscape. Based on need, Teneo is equipped to assist companies with either a specific aspect of their ESG program or can also work with companies to build and develop a comprehensive and bespoke ESG strategy and implementation plan that is right for their business and industry.



The time for change is now. CEOs face an imperative to prioritize ESG as a key aspect of value creation. No company can ignore, silo, or treat ESG as a supplementary practice.

Investors, customers, employees, governments and other stakeholders expect companies to develop robust and authentic ESG programs that specify and measure their impact. COVID-19 and the recent racial justice movement have only accelerated the rapidly evolving stakeholder capitalism movement.

Working with the CEOs and senior executives of the world’s leading companies, Teneo supports leaders across the globe to develop and execute against their ESG ambitions, creating world-class strategies that engage critical stakeholders.

Teneo’s Integrated ESG Offering

Teneo’s cross-functional team of experts brings a uniquely broad range of expertise that helps clients build and implement comprehensive, bespoke ESG programs that make the most sense for their business and industry.
"We can keep doing things the way they've always been done – which hasn’t been very successful – or corporate America can use its voices and resources to help define a better future for everyone and drive positive change. Those that don’t embrace this shift will be left behind."
Ursula Burns

Ursula Burns

Chairwoman, Teneo and Former Chairman & CEO of Xerox

Former Chairman & CEO of VEON; Board Member of Uber, Exxon Mobile and Nestle

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What Does ESG Mean To Your Organization?

Every company’s ESG strategy must be unique and appropriate to the business’ specific mission, vision, values and goals.


Building a Bespoke ESG Program

Teneo’s holistic view of the ESG landscape can assist companies with either a specific aspect of their ESG strategy or can help develop a comprehensive ESG strategy and implementation plan. Our approach is tailored to directly align with the client’s long-term goals and will take into careful consideration the industry and business environment relevant to that organization.

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