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ESG Advisory Offering

Teneo possesses a holistic view of the ESG landscape. Based on need, Teneo is equipped to assist companies with either a specific aspect of their ESG program or can also work with companies to build and develop a comprehensive and bespoke ESG strategy and implementation plan that is right for their business and industry.


Business Review & Transformation

Our management consulting team performs a fulsome review of the business and designs an operational plan to optimally realize the outlined objectives, including detailing the required resources, financial commitment and requisite steps and timeline to execute a successful ESG program.

  • Governance Model

    Reviewing how leadership controls and manages the business, including all reporting lines and mechanisms and all engagement with stakeholders and board oversight and structure.

  • Operations Model

    Understanding the current strategic and core processes for running all aspects of the business and how they interface with key stakeholders and the broader ecosystem.

  • Organizational Model

    Reviewing and detailing all departments and functions, including the functions of leadership, management and staff make-up in its entirety.