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Our Firm

Who We Are

Teneo is the global CEO advisory firm.

Working exclusively with the CEOs and senior executives of the world’s leading companies, Teneo provides strategic counsel across their full range of key objectives and issues. Our clients include a significant number of the Fortune 100 and FTSE 100, as well as other corporations, financial institutions and organizations.

What We Do

Strategic counsel for business leaders.

Integrating the disciplines of strategic communications, investor relations, restructuring, management consulting, physical & cyber risk, financial advisory, corporate governance advisory, ESG,  DE&I, political & policy risk, and talent advisory, Teneo solves for the most complex business challenges and opportunities.

Why We Are Different

Range of expertise and integrated, senior-led counsel.

Our range of expertise is unlike any other advisory firm in the world. The breadth of our offering and our ability to provide bespoke and seamless advisory services, on either a standalone or integrated basis, makes us truly unique. We deploy highly-specialized, senior-led advisory on behalf of our clients.

The Teneo Way

The Teneo Way is a unique advisory methodology that guides how we provide strategic counsel to our clients; one with a fully-integrated and versatile cross-disciplinary approach.

Our senior-led and highly-specialized team provides around-the-clock counsel that clients trust to inform their most important decisions. Teneo views all risks and opportunities through the eyes of the CEO, while also advising and executing across all levels of an organization.

Our Mission

  • Teneo views all risks and opportunities through the eyes of the CEO, while being able to advise and execute across all levels of an organization.

The Teneo Way in Action

Global Relationships

We build long-term, trusted relationships with our clients.

Integrated Execution

We can bring together diverse experience and expertise to solve any client challenge.

Unparalleled Experience

We strive to learn and become experts in all we do for clients every day.

Intellectual Curiosity

We maintain a thirst for knowledge, broad thinking and search for new ideas.

Relentless Focus on Client Needs

All this is underpinned by a relentless focus on anticipating our client needs and delivering exceptional results.
The Teneo Way

Teneo Cares

Teneo is deeply committed to enriching both our local and global communities.

Within our organization, we are dedicated to fostering a culture that is committed to building a work environment that supports inclusivity, empowerment, intellectual curiosity and integration. We are also focused on being actively involved in both our local and global communities through a mix of partnerships, volunteer work and philanthropic giving, all with the aim of bettering our world for all.



VAX LIVE: The Concert to Reunite the World

International advocacy organization Global Citizen announced VAX LIVE: The Concert to Reunite the World, a global broadcast and streaming special, airing on May 8th, that aims to inspire vaccine confidence worldwide and help get the COVID-19 vaccines to everyone, everywhere. In partnership with Declan Kelly and Teneo, the global CEO advisory firm, VAX LIVE and Global Citizen’s Recovery Plan for the World are supported by a coalition of Global Partners.

billie jean king leadership initiative

Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative

Teneo partners with Billie Jean King across her business and philanthropic endeavors. The BJKLI encourages corporations and individuals to embrace diverse personalities and lifestyles for the positive and unique contributions they bring to the workforce.

board diversity action alliance-bdaa

Board Diversity Action Alliance (BDAA)

Led by Ursula Burns, Gabrielle Sulzberger, The Ford Foundation, Teneo and The Executive Leadership Council, the BDAA is taking action to increase the number of racially and ethnically diverse directors on corporate boards.

juneteenth pledge

Juneteenth Pledge

Pharrell Williams, Ellen DeGeneres, Kenya Barris, Van Jones, Global Citizen and Teneo launched THE JUNETEENTH PLEDGE, a global effort to rally the private sector to ensure that Juneteenth becomes a paid holiday in the United States.

one world together at home

One World: Together At Home

Teneo partnered with Global Citizen around their ‘One World: Together At Home’ campaign in support of the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. The global broadcast, curated in collaboration with Lady Gaga, paid tribute to frontline healthcare workers around the globe. Teneo played an instrumental role in rallying the private sector to participate in a meaningful way in support of this critical effort. The event raised a total of $127.9 million, providing $55.1 million to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and $72.8 million to local and regional responders.

Recovery Plan for the World

Recovery Plan for the World

Teneo, in partnership with Global Citizen, launched in February 2021 Recovery Plan for the World, a campaign to end COVID-19 for all and kickstart a global recovery. This year-long campaign and series of events will aim to end COVID-19 for all, end the hunger crisis, resume learning everywhere, protect the planet and advance equity for all.

t2 today and tomorrow the ceo summit

T2: Today & Tomorrow, The CEO Summit

Co-hosted by Teneo and Global Citizen, the T2: Today and Tomorrow CEO Summit brought together the world’s top CEOs, political leaders, artists and influencers to address the biggest challenges facing business leaders today and tomorrow.

Teneo Gives: Pro-Bono Efforts & Charitable Giving


Opération Thermos, Brussels

Teneo Brussels is partnering with Opération Thermos, a Belgian association aiming to serve warm meals to homeless people every day of the winter in the city centre of Brussels. Teneo is supporting Opération Thermos in various ways, including organizing events, cooking and serving meals, and providing pro bono support around the development and implementation of the organization’s communication strategy.

teneo gives day new york

Teneo Gives Day New York

Teneo is proud to support our greater community & give back to those in need each year on Teneo Gives Day. On Teneo Gives Day, Teneo NYC volunteered for the Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corporation at the Golden Harvest Client Choice Food Pantry.

america needs you

America Needs You

In 2020, Teneo kicked off its partnership with America Needs You (ANY), a non-profit organization that provides intensive career development and transformative mentorship to ambitious low-income students who are the first in their families to go to college. The ANY program is designed to bridge the gap between college access and career readiness and help address the fact that only 11% of low-income, first generation college students are expected to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree. By becoming a mentor, Teneo volunteers provide 1:1 support by offering consistent coaching and career guidance through their mentee’s Sophomore and Junior year of college, helping them cultivate their strengths, secure internships and overcome obstacles.

ireland time to read mentor program

Ireland Time to Read Mentor Program

For the third year in a row, as part of our CSR programme, Teneo is committing time, expertise and money to The Good Shephard NS through “Time to Read.” The Time to Read program provides children in second class with reading support from a business volunteer over a 20-week period. The program aims to increase the enjoyment of and confidence in reading whilst encouraging self-discovery and comprehension for the participating children.

london adopt a charity

London Adopt a Charity

Teneo London supports charitable causes through a three-year partnership with a democratically selected charity. This charity, selected through a consultation process with employees, is supported by the business exclusively for a three-year period through a combination of fundraising and pro bono support. The London team just began its 2020 partnership with the organization Tommy’s, which funds research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, and provides pregnancy health information to parents. Tommy’s believes it is unacceptable that one in four women lose a baby during pregnancy or birth and want every parent to have the best possible pregnancy outcomes and to take home happy, healthy babies.

read ahead nyc

Read Ahead (NYC)

Since 2016, Teneo has partnered with reading-based mentoring organization, Read Ahead. Read Ahead provides students with the opportunity to unlock their full potential through mentoring relationships based on a love of reading. Read Ahead partners with schools where the majority of children come from low-income households, and identify as Black, Latinx, or Asian. Read Ahead believes that a mentor’s individualized attention and encouragement are an important resource to help children succeed. Each year Teneo employees have volunteered to act as mentors and spend time each week reading with a child.

hands joined together

Teneo Foundation

The Teneo Foundation has contributed significant time and financial resources, including donations in excess of $1 million a year, to more than two dozen nonprofit and charitable efforts. In addition, Teneo has provided, and continues to provide, pro bono advisory services to a number of nonprofit organizations.