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Our Firm


Teneo is the global CEO advisory firm.

Every leader needs a trusted team of advisors as they navigate a rapidly changing world.
Companies are now judged on the total value they provide to individuals and society, rather than on financial returns alone.

Our Purpose

Partnering with our clients globally to
do great things for a better future.

We provide what our clients need, when they need it.

What We Do

We've built a firm that is singularly focused on our clients' needs, breaking down traditional boundaries to fully leverage our global expertise and unchallenged breadth of services to solve our clients' most complex issues.

How We Do It

Our teams are supported by a global organization and an expansive network of advisors that thrives on collaboration to help solve complex issues. We act as a true extension of our clients' organizations, challenging them to see the bigger picture and new ways of thinking.

Our Values

Relentless Client Focus

Everything we do is singularly focused on delivering for our clients, guiding our approach, resources, point of view and solutions.

Elevating Our People

We believe in nurturing our teams from within, with the ultimate goal of providing opportunities for them to grow and take their place as our next generation of advisors.

Borderless Collaboration

We work hard to create and maintain an environment that empowers everyone to work together as an integrated global team, allowing good ideas to thrive without operational or geographic restriction.

Inclusivity and Initiative

Every one of us has a wealth of experience and perspectives to draw from. It's our job to listen and capitalize on that knowledge to provide the best solutions for our clients and to strengthen our own culture.

Openness and Trust

Our culture is dependent on the trust that we foster among each other. Each one of us should always be open to difficult discussions and feel confident to modify our decisions and actions accordingly.

Integrity and Accountability

At every level, we are taking responsibility for our actions to build a stronger culture of mutual trust and responsibility, allowing us to treat each other with respect and integrity.
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