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Strategy & Communications


Financial Communications & Investor Relations Services

Advising companies on their ongoing engagement with the investment community, as well as on special situations.

In today’s investment environment, shareholders are increasingly demanding accountability and transparency from corporate management, and exerting their influence over companies’ business affairs and corporate governance.

Teneo’s investor relations strategies allow us to advise companies on their engagement and communications with participants in the global financial markets to ensure that their securities are valued appropriately, and within the context of their performance and the market environment. Our investor relations consultants make sure that clients have the support of their financial stakeholders, both on an ongoing basis and through major transformations and special situations.

The investor relations practice offers a full-suite of integrated capabilities, advising companies on their ongoing communications and engagement with the investment community, as well as on special situations.

Financial Calendar Communications

Our clients need to communicate clearly and concisely throughout their financial reporting periods.
It is essential to provide the market with timely and accurate financial communications that address the concerns of investors, analysts, the media, employees, partners and customers in language that conveys the intent of the company, and that helps put its performance in context.

Financial communications services have become even more essential at a time when companies face greater scrutiny than ever, reflecting a combination of closer investor attention, increased regulation and a shorter and more crowded reporting season.

We help our clients to craft their earnings results narrative and act as an intermediary with both sell-side analysts and key commentators to ensure that the message lands in the right way.

Within our financial calendar communications services, we assist clients to create and disseminate content for their annual reports, annual shareholder meetings, succession planning, refinancing and the communications planning, development and execution of new product, technology and service announcements.

Investor Day Support

In the competition for capital, companies that provide incremental transparency and insights are more likely to attract investor capital, particularly against a volatile macro backdrop.

Teneo works with clients to conduct impactful investor events that serve as a forum for a company to present its achievements, showcase leadership strength, and address any gaps in understanding of the strategy or business model.

Investor Sentiment Auditing

Teneo carries out comprehensive, independent research to provide a greater breadth and depth of insight. It represents a form of ‘assurance’ and ‘radar,’ helping to clarify the balance of opinion on critical matters, and to ascertain the views of the ‘silent majority’ of investors who may be uncomfortable raising issues directly with the company or investment bank intermediaries.

This additional intelligence can be an invaluable tool in both decision-making and the communication of those decisions with the investment community.

Investor Targeting

As a part of our investor relations services, our team will assist with institutional investor targeting, both domestically and internationally, to ensure that a company’s shareholder base is aligned with its investment proposition.

This includes scientific target identification, as well as assistance with IR calendar planning and liaising with a bank’s corporate access team to ensure a company’s management is dedicating its resources to the right investors.

Market Intelligence

Teneo helps clients stay ahead of the curve by providing real-time monitoring, peer financial reporting, analyst commentary and financial media coverage, to deliver valuable insights regarding the prevailing market environment and relevant corporate developments.

Teneo Investor Relations and Financial Services

Crisis Communications

Teneo’s integrated crisis offering combines the strength of our communications, risk and digital teams with our dedicated crisis and issues management practice. We are the only consultancy that can respond to the full suite of needs that a Board or a CEO has in a crisis – from the initial stages through long-term issues management and eventual reputation rebuilding.


Teneo will partner with a company contemplating going public, and its other advisors and underwriters, on all aspects leading up to and after the IPO to ensure a successful entry to public markets.

Leadership Transition

Our investor relations professionals work closely with experts from our corporate communications, digital, governance, and diversity & inclusion teams to provide an integrated offering to manage the entire leadership transition process, from identifying the right leader to positioning and communications with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the executive gets off to a successful start.

Restructuring & Bankruptcy

Teneo has significant expertise providing strategic counsel to companies on financial communications best practices, investor relations strategies, and stakeholder engagement around major restructurings. We work with our clients around the clock to make sure that they are getting thoughtful advice and execution that will not only help their business survive through change, but will ensure that it emerges as a stronger and more sustainable organization.

Shareholder Activism

Teneo partners with companies to evaluate their business model from an internal and external perspective, to help them define and articulate their value proposition to the market, to proactively identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks, and to protect the company’s reputation and best interest throughout an activist threat.

Transaction Communications

Our team offers all-encompassing communications support on a broad range of transactions, including: traditional M&A, hostile takeovers, spin-offs, divestitures, LBOs, and other complex financial undertakings. Our experts develop and execute tailored communication strategies to maximize impact and garner stakeholder support for the transaction.