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Risk Advisory

Mitigating an array of interdisciplinary and intersecting risks.

In today’s complex operating environment, organizations are charged with mitigating an array of interdisciplinary and intersecting risks across the enterprise, whether terrorism, reputational risk, geopolitical risk or cyber threat. The complexity of this risk landscape demands new mitigation strategies and tactics that transcend traditional security processes.

Our risk advisory team complements Teneo’s comprehensive CEO advisory services platform, enabling a holistic approach to help clients address these issues within the context of their own unique operations.

Political Risk Advisory

Populism, hostility to global trade and the menace of interstate conflict: in the age of social volatility, businesses are no longer isolated from politics – they are directly affected by them. Political and policy risk advisory team helps business leaders to anticipate, analyze and navigate the challenges arising from political developments.

We are a global political risk advisory service providing timely, market-relevant and forward-looking counsel. We help business leaders understand political events and their implications for corporations and financial markets – from a company’s local footprint to its global supply chain, and a country’s fiscal policy to its economic outlook. We identify political drivers that move markets and forecast outcomes and scenarios. In this way, Teneo helps clients to incorporate political futures into their business and investment strategies.

Rigorous research and analysis form the basis of our work. Our highly-skilled team of analysts are experienced political scientists with advanced degrees in political economy, international relations and neighboring disciplines. Having lived and worked in the regions they cover, our experts speak the relevant languages, continue to travel regularly and maintain a dense network of contacts on the ground.

Physical and Cyber Security Risk Advisory

Led by former police Commissioner Bill Bratton, we are leading security and risk practitioners with backgrounds from the world’s most respected corporate, intelligence, public-safety, public-health and technology organizations.

We help organizations identify threats and implement solutions to protect their most valuable assets: people, property and business processes.

Our solutions incorporate Teneo’s wider platform of services including: crisis communications, reputation management, insurance, security organization design, talent sourcing, corporate governance and global risk intelligence.

Risk Advisory Leadership

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