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Portrait of Jonathan Wackrow

Jonathan Wackrow

Managing Director & Teneo Global Head of Security

Jonathan leads strategic and crisis communications campaigns and advises CEOs, management teams, and Boards on issues relating to crisis preparedness, planning, management and response.

Jonathan is an exclusive Law Enforcement Analyst for CNN; providing on-air analysis of law enforcement, safety, and security matters for domestic and international events.

Prior to joining Teneo, Jonathan was the Executive Director of RANE Corp’s Advisory Group. In that capacity, he advised leading corporations on enterprise security risk management, critical infrastructure protection, physical security, executive protection and crisis management procedures. Jonathan is a nationally recognized expert on event security policy and procedures. He regularly presents at the annual conferences for the Event Services Professionals Association, the Event Industry Council and Meeting Planners International.

Jonathan spent a majority of his professional career in the United States Secret Service, serving as a criminal investigator in New York City and served on the Presidential Protection Division in Washington, DC. While assigned to the President’s detail, he managed numerous high-level security operations both in the United States and abroad while assigned to the protection of the President, First Lady of the United States.

Jonathan’s philosophy towards corporate security risk management is simple; security should be a workforce multiplier to enhance other organizational divisions, helping to achieve the fiscal goals of the company. Jonathan has extensive involvement designing engineered policies and procedures, which require deep understanding of critical business-drivers in multiple operating segments. He is highly successful in building relationships with upper-level decision makers, seizing control of critical problem areas, and delivering on client commitments.

Jonathan is a graduate of Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland, the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the United States Secret Service Academy.

Articles by Jonathan Wackrow