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Strategy & Communications


Stakeholder Research & Analytics

Helping executives understand the stakeholders who have a decisive impact on their business.

Whether it’s auditing the views of investors on the leadership and strategy of the business, measuring public perception and consumer sentiment, analyzing the views of political audiences on regulatory or legislative changes, or understanding the positions of opinion-formers and NGOs on business practices, we help businesses understand the stakeholder opinions that matter most. Our forensic analysis of organizations and individuals is based on primary and secondary research, and expert knowledge of stakeholder priorities and agendas. Our methodologies deploy perception audits, stakeholder mapping and analysis, and digital analytics to unlock independent insight that enables leaders to make better decisions.

Teneo’s research capabilities provide clients with the ability to understand their brand, reputation and business standing, creatively position themselves in their unique marketplace, and measure the impact of their organization’s actions and communications to drive success. Our capabilities include:

  • Guiding senior management on key decisions facing their business including: brand, reputation and marketing communications, by providing data-driven insights.
  • Developing and executing comprehensive communications plans, from message development through impact and ongoing measurement, and stakeholder engagement plans that meet key business objectives.

Data Source Agnostic

We consider all potential resources to identify the data that matters most based on research objectives, including: survey research, focus groups, in-depth interviews, traditional media analysis, social and digital channels, and secondary research.

Excellence in Data Science

Our research combines data science and social science. Our methodologies include: blending qualitative and quantitative data sources; utilizing rigorous sampling methods to ensure proper representation of the desired audience; and employing statistical and data mining techniques to analyze data and extract knowledge and insights.

Subject Matter Expertise

We combine research expertise with account and subject matter expertise to provide the deepest understanding of the client, their industry and the environment in which they operate.

Social Science Rigor

We employ a rigorous, social science-based approach to our methods in order to produce the most reliable and predictive results. This practice underpins the design, analysis and reporting done by Teneo advisors, to ensure a sound research method.

Stakeholder Research & Analytics Leadership