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Diversity & Inclusion Advisory

Uncovering new points of untapped value.

Inclusive leadership is what a company is doing to foster an environment that capitalizes on the unique characteristics of its workforce, allowing people to contribute to business growth and profitability. When organizations actively assess their handling of workplace diversity issues, develop and implement diversity plans, multiple benefits are reported such as: increased adaptability; a broader service range; a variety of viewpoints; and more effective execution.

Teneo's diversity and inclusion experts and consultants help companies to uncover these value points through the following services:

Analysis: Teneo will perform financial, organizational and reputational analysis of current diversity and inclusion initiatives across the dimensions of a company’s employees and current diversity and inclusion processes to determine: how invested the C-Suite is in its company’s diversity and inclusion efforts and whether such a program is viewed as a key business driver; the impact on clients, customers and stakeholders; and the cost and return on investment to the business.

Measuring Impact: Our team members develop customized project plans in order to help clients define and control how they measure success in the diversity and inclusion space. These diversity and inclusion solutions includes: creating current state assessments of stakeholder views and opinions to help organize priorities, goals and outcomes; mapping stakeholders, constituencies, key issues, interconnections and implications of diversity and inclusion to successfully execute strategy; and creating timelines with key milestones that connect to strategic priorities and serve to demonstrate success and progress of a company’s diversity and inclusion program.

Talent-Sourcing: Teneo’s diversity and inclusion experts work with employee networks and affinity groups to build access to new markets, which are invaluable for growing and diversifying a company’s talent pool. Our team helps clients to identify new sources and opportunities for business from both internal and external networks.