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Kris Beighton (2)

Kris Beighton

Chairman, Offshore Financial Advisory

Kris Beighton is Chairman, Offshore Financial Advisory, having joined Teneo following its acquisition of KPMG’s Cayman Islands Restructuring business.

Prior to Teneo’s acquisition, Kris was a partner in KPMG’s Deal Advisory practice in the Cayman Islands and has led many significant multi-jurisdictional engagements covering the full range of restructuring and winding up procedures. Kris has been highly successful in managing various stakeholders’ interests or concerns to achieve optimal outcomes across varied investment vehicles and industries.

Kris has over 20 years’ of experience, including cross-border Cayman Islands proceedings with both Chapter 11 and 15 aspects. In addition, Kris is experienced in both BVI and Cayman Islands Voluntary and Compulsory Liquidations, as well as UK Administrations, Receiverships and Liquidations.

Kris is a UK licenced and qualified insolvency practitioner in the Cayman Islands and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.


Selected Project Experience

Kris has worked on the following notable issues and engagements:

  • Latam Airlines Group S.A.: Appointment as Joint Provisional Liquidator to facilitate a cross-border restructuring involving a Chapter 11 process in the United States with concurrent proceedings in Latin America.
  • Global Partnership Fund, LP: A Members’ Voluntary Liquidation of an exempted limited partnership acting as a private- equity vehicle with investments located globally including India, Korea and the U.K.
  • Enron Group of Companies: Joint Voluntary, Provisional and Official Liquidator of certain Enron entities. Facilitated a multi-jurisdictional restructuring working in tandem with Chapter 11 proceedings.
  • Vantage Drilling Company: Joint Official Liquidator offshore drilling group with circa US$2.7 billion in secured debt prior to completing a Chapter 11 process in the U.S.
  • Ambow Education Group Limited: Cross-border restructuring of a NYSE-listed holding company in the Cayman Islands funding education services in the PRC via a VIE structure, facilitated by the appointment of Provisional Liquidators in the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong.
  • Premium Point Entities: Joint Official Liquidator of eight Cayman entities whose investment manager was investigated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Liquidating Trustee pursuant to Delaware Law over onshore feeder funds.
  • Bear Stearns High-Grade Structured Funds: Joint Provisional and subsequently Joint Official Liquidator with principal investments in CDOs, CLOs and other asset-backed securities.
  • Accipiter Life Sciences Fund II (Offshore) Limited: Joint Voluntary Liquidator working with investors and the investment manager to develop and implement a strategy to realize illiquid portfolio of investments over an extended period of time.
  • Amaranth entities: Advisor facilitating the winding down of operations, and realization and distribution of the remaining assets to its investors.
  • Mainsail II Ltd: Joint Receiver of issuing vehicle for a US$4.5 billion residential, commercial mortgage and CDO asset-backed programme, facilitating a major multijurisdictional cross-border restructuring.