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Management Consulting


Transaction Support

Teneo has extensive experience across the transaction lifecycle, helping both institutional investors and corporate clients identify attractive acquisition targets and drive value across their investment period.

We have delivered hundreds of transaction support engagements for clients assessing a broad range of end-sectors including business services, infrastructure and construction services, software & technology and health & social care.

While there is a significant opportunity to drive value through M&A, recent increases in the cost of borrowing have heightened the need for greater scrutiny over potential acquisitions. Institutional investors and corporate acquirers increasingly require a detailed understanding of market dynamics, potential downside risks and the opportunity to drive long-term value from an acquisition. Targeted pre-deal diligence activities as well as ongoing value creation and exit support can help ensure the success of all investments.

Teneo’s Management Consulting team supports the full deal lifecycle, providing rigorous and evidence-based assessments whilst engaging openly and transparently with all stakeholders. We have particularly deep experience in providing Commercial Due Diligence (buy-side and sell-side) across small to large businesses and providing value creation support from day one through to disposal. Teneo’s end-to-end deal capabilities support stakeholders across private equity, infrastructure funds and corporate finance and corporates across a range of end-sectors, including business services, infrastructure and construction services, software & technology and health & social care.

Who We Support

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Financial Investors

Private Equity; Asset Managers; Infrastructure Funds


Corporate Finance

Investment Banks; Corporate Finance



Business Services; Technology; Software and IT Services; Health & Social Care

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Major Transport Operators (Air, Rail, Bus); Food and Beverage; Accommodation & Hospitality

How We Support You

Teneo supports clients across the transaction lifecycle, from initial due diligence to value creation and sell-side support.

Commercial due diligence (CDD)

We provide our clients with the necessary insights to evaluate potential acquisition targets and make informed investment decisions. Our full range of buy-side commercial due diligence services includes business performance reviews, market and competitor assessments, customer referencing, pricing due diligence and business plan assessments/value creation reviews. We provide honest and open advice to both institutional investors and corporate clients to answer key investment questions, covering both main deals as well as bolt-on work.

Example Case Study

Teneo has completed hundreds of buy-side commercial due diligence engagements for PE clients, portfolio assets, corporates, and other investors. This has resulted in the successful acquisition of numerous assets across a range of end-sectors.

Value creation

Teneo supports clients in unlocking value-creation opportunities post-acquisition, aligning commercial resources with high-impact opportunities. We support clients in driving revenue growth through both volume and value levers, while also identifying potential profit optimization opportunities.

Example Case Study

Teneo has supported businesses and investors of all sizes in maximising the value of their assets through both organic and acquisitive growth strategies. These engagements have ranged from strategic advice to long-term operational support to drive value for our clients.

M&A support/buy-and-build

Alongside traditional diligence capabilities, Teneo provides M&A support to facilitate assets pursuing a buy-and-build growth strategy. We review the market and target positioning before considering the strategic rationale of an acquisition and likely synergy potential of any bolt-ons.

Example Case Study

Teneo has supported hundreds of clients in successfully executing buy-and-build growth strategies. We work with our clients from initial opportunity identification, through target prioritization, and detailed due diligence on bolt-ons.

Vendor-side commercial due diligence

Teneo supports sell-side processes by developing compelling commercial due-diligence reports which help clients maximize their sale value. Teneo undertakes a thorough assessment of an asset’s business, performance, offering, market and competitive position in order to present a compelling, evidence-based proposition for prospective buyers.

Example Case Study

Teneo has completed dozens of vendor-commercial due diligences for both Management and PE-owned businesses to support a successful sale process. We have worked with assets of all sizes ranging from mid-market firms to large-cap deals valued over £1bn.

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