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Performance Optimization

From tactical optimization to major transformations, Teneo’s Performance Optimization practice works with organizations to restructure their cost bases and access meaningful savings.

A cost optimization program can have a range of triggers, from rapid growth and M&A expansion, to material market pressures. It can also be part of an organization's business-as-usual approach to maintaining its operations. Regardless of the cause, Teneo can provide an objective third-party perspective and the analytical rigor required to achieve the desired outcomes.

At Teneo, our unique breadth of cross-functional capabilities allows us to play a valuable role at any stage of a cost transformation, including developing the initial targets, identifying the opportunities and providing change management and implementation support.

How We Support You

Cost base optimization

When clients need to reduce costs and improve margins, Teneo can support by setting achievable targets, creating a list of detailed, quantified initiatives and developing playbooks to deliver them.

Leveraging a wide range of tried-and-tested methodologies and a collaborative approach to working with management, we identify cost opportunities throughout an organization. We then develop phased, prioritized delivery plans which maximize our clients’ ability to access the benefits.

Example Case Study

Bottom-up cost base optimization for a major cyber security provider in response to material external market pressures.

Post-merger synergy realization

A key component of the business case underpinning many acquisitions is the ability to realize a series of synergies. At Teneo, we play three roles in ensuring these synergies are effectively realized and the business case is achieved: opportunity identification/validation, post-deal management and senior reporting.

By providing Management with dedicated support, we can highlight quick wins on both the revenue and cost side, which will allow for the rapid demonstration of performance improvement, while ensuring they can focus on day-to-day operations and effectively joining two teams and cultures together.

In parallel, we ensure the project remains on track and the necessary preparatory actions for longer-term improvements are worked through in a timely manner.

Example Case Study

Cost synergy identification and post-deal delivery support & tracking for a European software provider conducting a set of buy-and-build acquisitions.

Implementation & change management

Major performance improvement initiatives typically require material changes to an organization, potentially including employee consultations and embedding new processes, cultures and ways of working.

Leveraging both our Management Consulting expertise and wider Teneo’s expertise, Teneo can support the coordination and project management of these processes, while also providing advice and execution support on the critical stakeholder communications activities necessary to ensure market acceptance and broad buy-in from across the impacted teams.

Example Case Study

Project management and stakeholder communication planning for a divisional closure at a leading Insurance provider.

Workforce relocation strategy

Relocating activity to lower cost locations has the potential to unlock material wage arbitrage savings. However, it also entails significant complexity, effort and risk.

Teneo has developed a toolkit to support nearshore and offshore strategies​, with the ability to support across both design and execution, providing end-to-end coverage and working in close partnership with management to ensure benefit opportunity is fully captured.

Example Case Study

Workforce relocation strategy for a global financial services client, developing a multi-site approach across a host of international venues with tailored operating models.

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