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Management Consulting


Strategy Implementation

An organization’s ability to realize the benefits of a well-designed strategy is dependent on it being executed effectively, promptly and within budget.

Teneo’s Strategy Implementation practice supports organizations in this journey by bringing their strategy to life.

Implementing major strategic change is often a challenging and volatile time for organizations. To successfully navigate this period of flux and realize expected benefits, organizations often require external support to accelerate, coordinate and challenge.

Our strategy implementation team are specialists in guiding corporate organizational change forward, whether it be structural or strategic. We bring a proactive, practical mindset, working in partnership with our clients to get things done.

We support our clients through the entire program management cycle, including program design, execution, audit and rescue.

Who We Support

Technology, Software and IT Services

Software Providers; Tech-Enabled Services; Data Providers; IT Services

Health and Social Care

NHS; Private Healthcare; Social Care; Veterinary Care

Business Services

Infrastructure & Construction; Real Estate & Property Services; Outsourced Business Services; Professional Services

Travel, Leisure and Hospitality

Major Transport Operators (Air, Rail, Bus); Food and Beverage; Accommodation & Hospitality

How We Support You

Operating model implementation

We support clients in implementing new organizational structures and target operating models, including coordinating major recruitment or redundancy programs and operationalizing new processes and ways of working.

Example Case Study

Teneo supported an international veterinary group in implementing a new target operating model to optimize operations at a clinic level. The change touched thousands of staff and realized significant benefits to employees, customers and profitability.

Pricing implementation

We help organizations to deploy new pricing and packaging strategies by working in close partnership with sales teams to guide, train and empower. We provide detailed benefits tracking and a hands-on approach to margin realization.

Example Case Study

Teneo supported a data services business in implementing a new pricing strategy following the identification of a significant revenue uplift opportunity, working closely with the sales team to deliver a 10% margin uplift over three months.

Post-merger integration

We support organizations undertaking an acquisition or merger to smoothly combine businesses. Our work includes organization structure and process alignment, synergy identification and tracking, and overseeing communication and core change management activities.

Example Case Study

Teneo supported a merger between two leading broadcast services providers, including through operational harmonization, process alignment and the design and delivery of detailed revenue and cost synergy plans.

Cost reduction

We support organizations in designing and delivering cost reduction strategies. Our work includes coordination of wide-reaching organizational changes, including divestments, deployment of nearshoring and offshoring and running redundancy programs.

Example Case Study

Teneo supported an international recruitment consultancy in successfully executing a major nearshoring program. The program realized cost savings 30% higher than budget and one-time costs 10% lower than planned.

Commercial model

Once a client has identified a desired commercial model change, we help in deploying this to market. Our work includes delivering wide-ranging changes to ways of working, operational processes and associated performance metrics.

Example Case Study

Teneo assisted a global HR software provider in operationalizing a move from on-premise to SaaS, including driving necessary change in the way the business ran engineering, development, customer interactions, partnering and wider operations.

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