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Strategy & Communications



  • Narrative development/input for Registration Statement/Q&A
  • Establish peers/investor targeting
  • Public company infrastructure development
  • IR policy development
  • Media relations audit
  • Assessment of management roles, responsibilities and positioning
  • Audit of government relationships, assessment of policy risks, scenario planning
  • Establish governance polices/begin to identify board


  • Roadshow development, planning and execution
  • Listing day preparation and execution
  • Manage communications around milestones
  • Message preparation and executive presentation coaching
  • Training for “life as a public company”
  • Develop IR website and materials
  • Establish financial disclosure and guidance protocols and templates, conduct earnings announcements rehearsals
  • Recruit new directors and refine governance policies
  • Develop and execute listing day media strategy
  • Select engagement with government stakeholders


  • Building awareness through ongoing stakeholder outreach
  • Continued refinement of corporate positioning and investment thesis
  • Preparation for first earnings announcement and beyond
  • Ongoing coaching and reputation management
  • Implement IR engagement and ongoing strategy
  • Execute ongoing media strategy
  • Ongoing review of governance practices; assessment/recruitment of board talent
  • Engagement with government stakeholders