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Management Consulting


Program Delivery

Focused and diligent project management and program execution.

Our team combines traditional project management capabilities with an emphasis on operational execution. We do not believe the process of project management is an ‘end in itself.’ Instead, project management is about a focus on outcomes and the safeguarding of project execution.

Often our ‘PMO’ skills are part of a wider project such as an integration, Target Operating Model execution, or digital transformation, where our ability to combine in-depth strategic analysis with highly-effective project management capability helps ensure that we deliver material change, rather than simply strategic advice.

PMO: PMO activity is not an end-in-itself, but we do establish clarity of deliverables, timelines, milestones and resources; track progress and allow for appropriate governance.

Facilitate: This is the activity required to drive a project where the Teneo team is acting in combination with internal resources. Even where we don’t own deliverables, we will ‘do what is required’ to drive activity: meetings, workshops, discreet elements of feed-in analysis, materials production, etc.

Analysis & Delivery: There are often areas/actions in a project where Teneo is responsible for specific deliverables, we are ‘doing-the-doing’, relying as necessary on internal cooperation and data as appropriate.