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Gee Lefevre


Gee is Director in Teneo’s Management Consulting division, where he leads Teneo’s work on international transportation, hospitality and consumer behavior, and is an expert in the use of innovative techniques, including cell tower data, in measuring and forecasting consumer demand.

Gee leads Teneo engagements in international transportation, where he specialices in rail franchise and concession bids in markets outside of the UK, including North America and the Middle East. He has substantial experience in developing and executing commercial bid strategy, commercial risk, and bid writing, as well as subject matter expertise in fares, ticketing, retail and marketing. Further to this, he advises international transportation clients, including rail and bus operators, airports and new mobility operators, on corporate and growth strategy.

Gee also lead’s Teneo Consulting engagements in hospitality and leisure where he supports clients on a range of topics including consumer demand, corporate strategy, and operational analysis and strategy.

Beyond his specific sector expertise, Gee works across engagement in multiple industries providing expertise on demand forecasting, consumer behavior and economic analysis and commentary. In particular, he is considered a leading expert on the use of innovative techniques in consumer demand analysis and forecasting, including cell tower and credit card data.

Gee holds an MA (hons) in Philosophy, Psychology, and Physiology from the University of Oxford, and has a range of his own busines interests in the hospitality and events space.

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