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Management Consulting

New Market Entry

Helping companies identify new opportunities, plan for market entry and drive necessary operational change.

Growing beyond a business’s existing core markets is challenging. Deciding which sector, service or geography to expand into, and then how that expansion should happen, is complex, and requires specific expertise to get it right.

Teneo is able to support from the initial question of whether new market expansion is the right strategic decision, all the way to supporting the business deliver the expansion that is right for them. We work with management to come to a solution that is not just “right” in theory, but also in practice.

In planning for market entry, we use a broad range of skills including: market and competitor analysis, financial modelling and stakeholder engagement. We will then support the implementation of those market entry plans, working alongside management to ensure that the necessary operational change is driven through the business.

We have supported multinational companies successfully grow into new markets across the world. Our deep sector and client knowledge allows us to move quickly and deliver value aligned with the requirements of the management teams we support.