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Management Consulting


Enhanced Profitability Consulting

Improving business performance, reducing cost and creating new value.

Teneo's profitability consultants provide provides hands-on, strategic support to help our clients improve their business performance, reduce cost and drive enhanced profitability. We undertake this across a wide-range of project settings: cost-base restructuring; Target Operating Model redesign; process re-engineering; shared service strategies; strategic sourcing and supply chain management; outsourcing strategy and transition; and partnership strategy execution.

Performance Drivers: We are experts at identifying the real drivers of improved performance, and therefore, focusing on the key changes which will have a material impact on value. We then take a practical approach, deploy effective methodologies and give a personal commitment to see the job through, working effectively with clients to deliver the necessary operational and structural changes across an organization.

Successful Implementation: The key to successful delivery in each of these projects has been the development of bespoke answers to the profitability challenges that each of our clients face. While benchmarks and standard processes can have a role to play in shaping any solution, we believe that each solution must be based around the specific needs of that solution – whether this requires tactical adjustment or wholesale business model change.