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Management Consulting


Teneo’s NHS practice has deep expertise in organisational and system design, clinical and population health strategy and delivering major service change.

We offer strategic advice to Trusts and Foundation Trusts, Integrated Care Systems,  Integrated Care Boards and other systems and bodies across the NHS.

The introduction of the 2022 Health and Care Act represents the most significant reorganisation of the NHS in ten years and its implementation has coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic recovery and industrial action on an unprecedented scale. When combined with chronic workforce shortages, significant operational pressures and the need to transform the model of care in order to shift resources upstream, the sheer scale of the challenge facing the NHS is clear.

Our dedicated team of expert health consultants help NHS organisations address these challenges. Our clients cover NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts, Integrated Care Boards and other NHS bodies such as NHS England. Our team are increasingly commissioned by multiple organisations/whole systems in recognition of the fact that the challenges facing the NHS cannot be solved by one organisation working alone.

How We Support You

Organisational and system design

We understand that organisational and system design in the NHS needs to be an outcomes-led process. By focusing on what you want to achieve and utilizing a ‘form follows function’ approach, we create tailored solutions delivering best-in-class outcomes.

Our experience gives us a unique appreciation of the intricacies and complexities of designing new structures within the governance, accountability and regulatory frameworks of the NHS, the legislation and guidance surrounding the introduction of the 2022 Health and Care Act, as well as the relationship between the NHS and its key partners such as local government and academia.

Our experience covers both single and multi-organisation settings, including:

  • The development of operating models for NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts. For example, hospital ‘group’ models, multi-site operating models and post-merger integration organisational design.
  • The development of shared leadership and governance arrangements that enable two or more Trusts and Foundation Trusts to closely align.
  • Organisational design of Integrated Care Boards, supporting their transition away from legacy CCG structures and ‘ways of working.’
  • The design of Provider Collaboratives and Place-Based Partnerships within Integrated Care Systems.
  • Supporting Integrated Care Systems to develop and mature through approaches to shared decision-making.
  • The development of partnership models between NHS statutory bodies and non-NHS organisations (e.g., academic institutions, local government).

Clinical and population health strategy

The policy emphasis within the NHS is rightly turning to the development of population health strategies, focusing on shifting resources upstream to deliver prevention, early intervention and to tackle health inequalities. However, clear strategies for the delivery of individual clinical services are still critical, and it is more important than ever that these are approached at a multi-organisation level and delivered through the lens of the broader population health strategy.

We can support the full spectrum, from the development of plans for individual clinical services through to the development of population health strategies for whole systems. Critical to our approach is our ability to convene leaders and senior clinicians to build consensus as an honest broker and experienced advisor. Professor John Deanfield CBE, Teneo’s Senior Healthcare Advisor, can support this process as an experienced clinical leader and a globally renowned expert in preventative medicine.

Major service change

Major service change, although often politically unpopular, is a necessary component of improving the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of clinical services across the NHS. We support commissioners and providers to deliver major service changes through:

  • Identification and appraisal of options for major service change
  • Supporting public consultation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Pre- and post-consultation business case writing
  • Program management of major service change
  • Convening leaders and senior clinicians to drive consensus

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