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Portrait of Charles Watson

Charles Watson

Chairman, Teneo International

Charles Watson is the Chairman of Teneo International. He joined Teneo’s senior management team in January 2015 with specific responsibility for leading the growth of the Firm outside of the U.S.

Mr. Watson is a highly experienced business leader across the field of professional services and the communications sector. He was previously the Group CEO of global strategic communications consultancy, Financial Dynamics, where in 2003 he led the business’s MBO and then its subsequent sale to FTI Consulting Inc. in 2006. During his 10 year tenure as Financial Dynamics CEO, he oversaw the business’s growth from its London origins into a leading international communications consultancy with 25 offices around the world.

In 2011, Mr. Watson moved on to take the chair of a number of private companies including the Karma Communications Group, where he oversaw the acquisition and integration of several leading marketing services and digital communications agencies, creating one of London’s largest independent marketing services agency groups. The business was subsequently sold to Accenture.