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Shareholder Activism Defense

The world’s largest shareholder activist defense practice.

Activism is typically a symptom of a disconnect between the market’s view of a company’s value and its true value. Activist investors seek to effect change through active engagement with company management and the Board of Directors, with the objective of increasing the stock price and creating value for shareholders.

Today activists’ strategies are becoming more sophisticated, increasingly leveraging traditional and digital media and retaining communications firms, law firms, investment banks, and executive search firms to advise them on their engagements with companies. In addition, large institutional shareholders are increasingly working behind the scenes with activists on their agendas to enact change.

Teneo has advised on many of the most recent high-profile activist situations. Our team integrates the disciplines of financial communications, media relations, investor relations and corporate governance advisory to help companies prepare for potential activist engagement and to advise on how to respond in an active situation if needed.