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Strategy & Communications


Digital & Social Media Advisory

Guiding executives through a new frontier of influence.

World-class executives share one common view: social media has entirely transformed companies' relationships with key stakeholders. Teneo's “leaders over logos” philosophy is built on this very premise.

Using our proprietary analyses of our clients' digital and social media presence, we devise bespoke, influence-driven digital and social media strategies for top C-suite executives, entrepreneurs and the organizations they lead.

Our Values

  • Executive Visibility:

    Now more than ever, we believe influence is driven by a company’s leaders. Therefore, we focus on creating unique digital identities for companies by building the voice and influence of their key executives.

  • Audience Centricity:

    To effectively reach key stakeholders, we help clients deeply understand their target audiences, from their conversations, to their demographics, to their online behaviors. Simply put, any strategy we build must be predicated upon the needs of our client’s key audiences.

  • Leadership Authenticity:

    The number one metric for success in digital and social media is whether key stakeholders trust that the leader of an organization is authentic – in word and action. We make sure that humanity comes through in their digital footprint.

Executive Social Media Management

Teneo advances the digital and social presence of the world’s most high-profile CEOs and entrepreneurs through focused, thoughtful social media management and training strategies specifically designed for C-suite executives.

From performing full platform audits, to developing comprehensive strategies, we effectively position leaders across the digital and social landscape to drive maximum impact.

Digital Shareholder Activism Defense

Increasingly, activist investors deploy aggressive digital tactics to advance their agendas, and tend to target companies when they are the least prepared and most vulnerable.

Teneo has deep experience in preparing, guiding and executing digital activist defense strategies on behalf of companies and their shareholders.

Social Media Crisis Management

Teneo has built one of the world’s premiere social media monitoring systems that is directly plugged into the real-time data firehoses of Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit. Our system not only allows for the hyper-customization of alerting our clients around issues impacting their ecosystem, but also provides our senior advisors with deep knowledge for how to manage a crisis and turn reputational risk into an opportunity for our clients.