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Integrated DE&I Advisory Services

Our team of experts partners with clients to navigate the current DE&I landscape

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DE&I at Teneo

We believe that different perspectives and new ideas are essential for us to meaningfully partner with our clients globally. We are committed to investing in our people and fostering an environment of dignity and respect to create a sense of purpose and belonging for all.

We recognize that, to deliver our best work, we must foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace culture that:

  • Cultivates healthy, connected relationships built on trust
  • Empowers everyone to share their best ideas
  • Inspires us to recognize our individual and collective successes
  • Ensures all voices are heard and concerns are addressed
  • Provides the right kinds of supports when and how they are needed

Sustaining an inclusive culture in an increasingly complex world is a challenge that we embrace at Teneo because we believe deeply in its fundamental value to our business. Inclusivity and Initiative is one of our core values, and our expectation is that all Teneo employees commit to being inclusive leaders and challenge themselves every day to make their own unique contributions to strengthening our culture.

Below are a few of the ways we are equipping and empowering our people across the globe to think, act and lead inclusively at Teneo. Please see our Sustainability Reports to learn more.

DE&I Programs and Initiatives

Inclusive Culture Council (ICC)

Our Inclusive Culture Council (ICC) brings together leaders from across Teneo’s business units, geographies and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to advise the Global Executive Committee (GEC) on workplace culture-related policies and practices. The ICC is designed to have its finger on the pulse of our culture, and its members are empowered to be action-oriented advocates for inclusive culture change. The ICC is convened by Teneo’s CEO and is co-led by our Chairwoman and Chief People Officer.

Early Careers Partnerships

Working with our diversity partners, Teneo offers several internship programs to provide meaningful work experience to early careers talent. Interns are guided by an experienced team that provides hands-on learning opportunities as well as structured training. Each intern is supported by a mentor who takes an active role in developing their skillset.

Family-Friendly Policies

We offer comprehensive family-friendly policies and support for all parents at Teneo, with each region providing competitive policies for birthing parents, adopters and their partners. In addition, we offer a range of policies to support life events related to reproductive health and caring responsibilities.

The trust that we foster with each other is critical to the success of the firm, because through open and very respectful communication, everyone's views are respected. And regardless of what title you hold, you are free to express your views – not just when working on client projects, but also through daily interactions with colleagues. This creates an open environment for us to exchange ideas.
Mayjo Liu
Senior Associate
Hong Kong SAR
One of Teneo’s core values is Inclusivity and Initiative. This speaks to me, not just because I am the co-lead of our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practice area. It's also because I know exactly how being inclusive helps propel the individual.
Lisa R. Davis
Senior Managing Director and Co-Lead, DEI Advisory
Washington, D.C.
If you've got a great idea for a client, that shouldn't be driven by where you are in the business, where you sit and what you do. Being inclusive means that we're bringing the best of everyone together for our clients, and we're also bringing the best of everyone together for our employees. If you feel excited, and you feel valued as an individual in a business, you're going to give your best. And that's what we need.
Sue O'Brien OBE
Non Executive Chair, People Advisory, UK & Vice Chair, Teneo
Improving women’s representation, particularly in our most senior leadership roles, is something that I and my fellow business leaders are unanimously passionate about.
Tim Nixon
CEO, Management Consulting
The richness of Teneo is the diversity of our people. We have 16 different nationalities in our Brussels office providing us with a rich cultural heritage to draw knowledge and insights from. Bringing the different perspectives together adds joy and value to the work we do at Teneo.
Deborah Nash
CEO, Brussels, Strategy & Communications
It is my fundamental belief that our business will only thrive if our people thrive, which is why the health of our culture must remain top of mind for every person at this firm. We brought this powerful group of leaders [the ICC] together to help us do that.
Portrait of Paul Keary
Paul Keary
New York

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Teneo’s employee-led ERGs serve as culture champions across the globe. Their efforts ensure that Teneo’s commitment to building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture remains at the forefront by raising awareness, facilitating ongoing dialogue, promoting professional development and supporting our diversity recruiting efforts.

Each of our ERGs are represented on the ICC as Contributing Voices, with the goal of ensuring their inclusive culture-building efforts are strategically aligned and championed by leaders across our businesses and geographies.

The focus areas for our ERGs globally are:

Age & Generation

Champions the myriad benefits and opportunities of a generationally diverse culture.

Culture, Ethnicity, Race & Religion

Fosters a culture of belonging, respect and recognition for all, with a particular focus on elevating and empowering Teneo employees from minority groups.

Disability & Neurodiversity

Provides a safe space for colleagues to share their experiences and increase awareness on topics related to disabilities and/or neurodiversity.

Family and Carers / Caregivers

Offers a support network for professionals providing care for loved ones.


Builds a community of women to support the personal and professional growth and success of female colleagues.

Sexual Orientation

Helps create a sense of community for the queer population and allies at Teneo and gives back to the LGBTQ+ community.


Educates and engages employees on sustainable practices both inside and outside of the workplace.