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UK Management
Consulting Careers


Your Teneo consulting career

5+ years

Managing Director

Teneo's strategic leads, responsible for managing high-level client relationships and setting the direction of the firm


Senior thought leader, responsible for case delivery and holding key client relationships within a practice


Engagement manager, responsible for leading large, complex engagements and training junior staff

3-5 years

Senior Consultant

Senior case team member, responsible for structuring client output and managing small case teams


Often leader of a workstream, responsible for producing high-quality client output and managing junior colleagues

2-3 years

Senior Associate Consultant

Senior analyst, the engine room of the team and responsible for more complex analytical tasks and owning small workstreams

Associate Consultant

Graduate analyst, responsible for core case tasks including research, analysis, and producing client output.

Mentoring and Coaching

Teneo’s UK Management Consulting team runs a mentoring scheme to ensure that you can seek advice and guidance from more experienced employees. Mentors are generally a grade or two more senior than you and can provide practical insight into what the job entails and how to make the next steps in your career.

In addition, all team-members are assigned a coach, who is a member of the senior management team, to provide career guidance and support your personal and professional development. Coaches are approached for advice or support on project allocations and are happy to offer advice, while also taking into account your case experience, strengths and targeted areas of development.

We allocate a budget every half for each employee to have lunch with their coach and mentor, alongside more impromptu catch-ups that are always encouraged.

More informally, the nature of Teneo means that there is always someone who will be happy to help.


Teneo’s UK Management Consulting business offers a comprehensive programme of external and internal training throughout your career with us. This is mostly focused within Management Consulting, but there are increasing opportunities for joint training sessions with colleagues from across the global Teneo family.

New joiners cover the basics of the consulting ‘toolkit’ in a week-long induction course that includes seminar style learning, presenting and research assignments. Quarterly training days then allow all consultants to progress through an internal curriculum of courses covering a broad range of soft and technical skills which supplement on-the-job learning. Senior Consultants and Managers will have access to personal training budgets to access courses that suit their specific needs.

In addition to this, both hard and soft skills are supplemented with specialist external training. This includes, for example, accounting and financial statements analysis, and presentation skills.

We also offer a range of informal trainings, including “Lunch and Learn” sessions, during which we focus on specific skills or share experience on a particular case. The wider Teneo network offers multiple learning opportunities, such as the weekly Bench X talks, which take place at Teneo’s London office, where speakers are invited to share their experience over an informal lunch.

Work/Life Balance

Teneo’s UK Management Consulting team understands that people have lives away from their desks. Of course, all our work is project-driven and at times can be intense, but we do what we can to maintain balance. Teneo Managers set realistic deadlines, make sure projects are resourced appropriately, and ensure the visibility of upcoming workloads. We monitor individual workloads and intervene to ensure the demands of the job are sustainable for individuals.

Outside the Office

Teneo’s culture is as strong outside the office as it is at work. We are a varied and dynamic team and we benefit from our colleagues bringing their interests to the office. Teneo staff are encouraged to establish teams or activities that are open to the rest of the firm. A calendar of organised and impromptu events, both social and sporting, ensures life at Teneo thrives outside of the office, and staff members form bonds that go beyond their latest project team. There are multiple team building events held every year, including overseas weekends, summer parties, and ad hoc social events in our local offices.


Our projects are often office based, allowing for more time spent with family and friends, rather than regular weeks on the road.

However, as we have a significant amount of international work, there are times when projects are undertaken in a foreign country or require travelling to meet our clients. Wherever possible, we try and accommodate the preferences of our people – whether it is staff that wish to be do more office-based projects, or those that wish to see the world.

At Teneo, we are committed to making our workplace a welcoming environment for all, and a place where we can learn from each other’s experiences, backgrounds, and skills. Equally, we know that the fresh perspectives and creativity of diverse and dynamic teams allow our clients to derive maximum benefit from our work.

Teneo’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) team works to enable an environment which actively promotes diversity, where everyone’s contribution is valued, and in which all staff can perform to their potential; no matter their background, identity or circumstances. We provide a platform for discussion, enhanced awareness and learning of topics relating to D&I, and act as champions for the D&I agenda within the business.

We also frequently explore new and innovative approaches to training, and provide coaching, mentoring and support for everyone looking to progress in their careers. This includes both internal and external initiatives. One example, which takes place in our London office, are the ‘Women in Consulting’ events, that are designed to challenge some of the perceptions of a career in consulting.