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Teneo Statement on Recent Events

The events of the past several days have left all of us shocked, appalled, numb and frequently speechless.

The America that we have seen on display over the last week is not the America we know or love, and we feel the pain and frustration of so many in the African American community over the injustices that continue to occur time and time again, without anything changing to make them stop. The tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery are only the most recent incidents.

The events that are currently taking place in cities across the country speak to a more deeply rooted problem, a fracture in our society that has been present and worsening for a very long time now. We all walk in our own shoes and have different paths, so we may never truly understand what it feels like to live in a society like ours today, where you are made to feel different and where you fear for your safety in your day-to-day life.

The status quo simply cannot be allowed to continue. Instead of talking about it, we need those who govern, our business leaders and society as a whole to actually do something about it. Platitudes have been paid for long enough and in this, perhaps the most divided moment in our country’s history in decades, we have a right to expect everyone in a position of authority to act with compassion, respect and understanding.

At Teneo we want all of our colleagues, regardless of color, ethnicity and background, to know that we are all one. We love, respect and care about you all, and even though we cannot imagine what it must be like for many of you to experience this moment, you know that we stand in solidarity beside you and will never waver. This is a conversation that has to be had in America and it has to be conclusive and clear.

We are deeply privileged to advise many of the largest companies in the world every day around how to handle this appalling situation and they are grappling with the same issues we are. Everybody knows what has to happen but nobody believes that violence or destruction is the ultimate answer or response. The only way forward is through dialogue and effective action, and through the enactment of lawful measures that produce real change in society.