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Teneo Studio

At Teneo, creative is designed to be different. Built for business leaders navigating disruptive times.


Our Approach

Every creative project will follow a rigorous process to understand the strategic context of the problem we are trying to solve.

The best creative is built on understanding key insights that unlock the creative proposition which leads to the creative idea.


01 Strategic Context

  • Review business and communication objectives
  • Identify challenges and obstacles
  • Define what we want our audiences to Think, Feel, Do
  • Develop the brief

02 Discovery

  • Desktop research
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Media and social audits
  • Internal and external interviews
  • Competitive/peer benchmarking and analysis

03 New Insights

  • Reframe objectives
  • Audience persona development
  • Introduce new perspectives and insights
  • Develop a leading thought to serve as a North Star

04 Creative Development

  • Creative treatment
  • Manifesto or proposition statement
  • Storyboards or scripts
  • Corporate narrative and/or platform development
  • Brand architecture and visual systems
  • Tone of voice and/or message house
  • Content and channel strategy

05 Content Development

  • Animations and motion graphics
  • Digital content and website platforms/microsite
  • Messages; press releases
  • Scripts/storyboards
  • Graphic design
  • Film and video content

06 Audience/Channel Planning

  • Analysis of owned, earned and paid opportunities
  • Stakeholder touchpoints and mapping
  • Campaign planning

07 Evaluation

  • Stakeholder audits
  • Engagement data
  • Benchmarking and surveys
  • Focus groups

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