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Teneo Performance

Teneo Performance helps CEOs improve performance across all levels of their organization through experiential programs and organizational changes, built around new norms of diversity, inclusion, purpose, sustainability, and hybrid models of working.

How people live and society operates has fundamentally changed, and the role of companies and CEOs has been completely redefined. The impact of digital connectivity, combined with the renewed focus on physical and mental health, has also radically altered how and where employees work most effectively. Teneo Performance accounts for these radical shifts and brings a comprehensive approach to attaining high performance based on directly relevant experiences across multiple situations. Initially launched in Ireland, Teneo Performance delivers senior-led, interactive development programs and mentorship that leverage expertise from across Teneo as well as the firm’s Senior Advisors that include the former CEOs and leaders of several of the world’s largest companies.


Corporate boards around the world are focused squarely on the issues Teneo Performance is working to solve in response to the need for diversity and the dramatic changes to the workplace caused by COVID-19. The post pandemic world will require companies to take a new approach to how they develop and engage their workforce.