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Risk Advisory


Political Risk Audit

Assessing political risk preparedness and contingency plans against shocks to operations.

Global power dynamics are shifting at an accelerating pace and in seemingly unpredictable ways as trade agreements are upended and former alliances are dissolving. In the middle of this stands our clients’ global operations – from material supply chains to tariffs and changes in interest rates and currency volatility in emerging markets. While the C-suite knows the ins and outs of these operations best, our analysts excel in forecasting disruptions and identifying vulnerabilities.

Teneo offers political risk analysis and auditing services that incorporate the client’s market know-how with our analysts’ deep knowledge and connections across their respective regions to assess the company’s preparedness and contingency plans against exogenous shocks to its operations.

No longer a concern solely of a government affairs or issues and crisis teams, we work across company functions to make sure political risk awareness and understanding is incorporated at all levels of strategic planning, empowering all business leaders to foresee risks, as well as new opportunities.

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