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CEOs and Twitter: How a New and More Diverse Generation of CEOs are Leading and Communicating Through Challenging Times

May 27, 2021
By Andrew Lee

In the nearly 10 years since we began monitoring CEOs across social media, specifically Twitter, there has never been this much focus on their activity—which accelerated following the outbreak of the pandemic. What and when CEOs tweet has now become a barometer for a company's values and how accurately they represent the views of their employees.

In this report, we share insights into which types of CEOs are tweeting, what they are tweeting about, and how likely they are to post issue-related statements. The CEOs we looked at include the chief executive officers of Fortune 500 and S&P 100 technology companies. Our partnership with Twitter around CEO activity has provided us with immediate and direct access to CEO communications on the platform. We know, for example, the minute a new CEO creates a profile, when a CEO starts posting more frequently or replying to users directly, and when a CEO does or doesn’t post about a current event. Having synthesized this data, we’ve reached the following conclusion:

For a range of reasons, many CEOs are still in the process of adopting Twitter as a forum to communicate directly with their stakeholders. Over 80% of Fortune 500 CEOs do not have an active Twitter profile. However, a deeper look at the data suggests that this is changing. The next generation of CEOs, who are also more diverse and lead technology companies, are more likely to have developed an active Twitter profile—and are comfortable using it to communicate as leaders—especially during these challenging times.

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