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Ruth-Ellen Pintilie

Associate Director

Ruth-Ellen Pintilie is an Associate Director with Teneo’s Financial Advisory business, based in Bermuda, with a primary focus on forensic work.

Ruth-Ellen has more than 10 years of experience in investigations, disputes, control review and compliance work. Ruth-Ellen joined Teneo in Bermuda in August 2023, where she is part of the Financial Advisory team, advising both local (with an insurance focus) and global clients. She works on insolvencies and restructuring, with her key focus the investigations that form part of these. She is also part of the global Forensic team.

Before joining the Teneo team, Ruth-Ellen was an Associate Director at a boutique London forensic firm, working on cross-border matters and leading an international team. She has experience in a variety of sectors and topic areas, often working on multinational projects investigating and remediating cases of fraud and/or bribery.

Ruth-Ellen has led forensic investigations into companies across various industry sectors, including Fintech, Hospitality, Construction, Aerospace and Pharma. These investigations include those initiated through whistleblowers, regulatory investigations, external news reports or internal reviews. Ruth-Ellen often leads teams of forensic professionals and lawyers to achieve the best results for her clients. She has experience presenting investigation results to the Department of Justice in the US and performing ‘ability to pay’ calculations for fines.

Ruth-Ellen also has experience working on the transformation of compliance and internal control programmes to meet global best practice to prevent the recurrence of fraud and/or bribery in businesses. She has also supported a U.S. Department of Justice appointed Compliance Monitor, working with a company overhauling its global compliance programme.

Finally, Ruth-Ellen has also performed significant Expert Witness work in London, both in a consulting expert role, working for parties, and supporting the independent intermediary expert.


Selected Project Experience:

  • Led the forensic investigation workstream of a Special Administration for an investment bank to identify missing assets for potential recover, including a review of trading irregularities. Ruth-Ellen has led interviews with key individuals and performed document review to aid hypothesis building.
  • Performed an investigation in an Insurance Segregated Accounts Company in Bermuda, analyzing data from many sources to determine the status of collateral.
  • Led an investigation at a fintech into the validity of covid loans in the US, including analyzing loan data for over 120,000 loans and using data analysis to reduce the problematic loan population to ~20,000 loans.
  • Led a multi-national investigation into a global hospitality company following a whistleblower complaint of accounting irregularities including lease accounting, intercompany transactions, capitalization of costs and others. Presentation of methodology and key findings to senior stakeholders including Management Board, Auditors and Legal Counsel.