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Jessica Gardner

Associate Director

Jessica Gardner is an Associate Director at Teneo, specialising in integrated strategic communications, including in response to emerging issues or crises. She manages a range of international accounts, advising on and coordinating communications to varied audiences and stakeholders.

Jessica advises across sectors, developing global communications strategies and ensuring coordination across priority markets. Increasingly, she advises clients on communicating sustainability commitments and challenges, including those in the energy and tech sectors. This has included on the ground support for CEOs to amplify their presence at key events, such as COP26 in the UK, FII7 in Saudi Arabia and the inaugural Africa Climate Summit in Kenya.
Beyond this, Jessica’s crisis expertise has seen her analyse reputational risks and advise on communications responses, both in advance of planned business changes and during live crises.

Before joining Teneo in 2018, Jessica worked for elected officials in the UK Parliament and US Congress and has a strong understanding of both political systems. She graduated top of class from the University of Leeds with a First-Class Honours Degree in Politics and Parliamentary Studies.