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Eugene Kang

Senior Vice President

Eugene Kang is a Senior Vice President at Teneo.

Eugene has steered clients through a wide range of reputational threats and opportunities by drawing upon his expertise in crisis and strategic communications, issues management, stakeholder engagement and digital tactics, bringing to bear experiences from the highest levels of government and national political campaigns.

Prior to joining Teneo, Eugene was a Special Assistant to the President and served in the White House Office of Political Affairs. Eugene was President Obama’s traveling political aide and he advised the President and senior administration officials on political engagement in all 50 states. In addition, he worked with candidates, elected officials, and national party committees, and helped build key stakeholder support for critical legislative priorities.

Before his time at the White House, Eugene served as the President’s traveling political aide during his 2008 campaign and during the Obama-Biden Transition Project, and previously worked for a range of local and federal campaigns. Eugene is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in English language and literature