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Insights Series

March 31, 2023

By Kevin Kajiwara &

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A Conversation with Richard Haass, President, Council on Foreign Relations

We are pleased to welcome Richard Haass back to the Teneo Insights Series. Dr. Richard Haass, a veteran diplomat, respected scholar and proven leader, is in his 20th year as president of the Council on Foreign Relations. Dr. Haass is the author or editor of 14 books on American foreign policy, one book on management and one on American democracy. His latest book, The Bill of Obligations: The Ten Habits of Good Citizens, was published by Penguin Press in January 2023 and became a New York Times best seller. He previously served as Director of Policy Planning for the U.S. Department of State and was the United States Special Envoy for Northern Ireland.

Dr. Haass joins Kevin Kajiwara for a discussion on his new book, major current geopolitical events including the Russia-Ukraine War and China-U.S. relations and a perspective on the role of Council on Foreign Relations as he prepares to step down after 20 years at the helm.

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