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Teneo/DCMS Data Consultation Roundtable Readout

November 22, 2021

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On 19 October, Teneo hosted a virtual roundtable with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), to discuss the department’s consultation on the UK’s future data protection regime, Data: a new direction.

On 10 September 2021, DCMS published their consultation on reforming the UK’s data regime, which is the first step of ‘Mission 2’ of the UK National Data Strategy “to create a more pro-growth and pro-innovation data regime whilst maintaining the UK’s world-leading data protection standards.” Now that the UK has left the EU, the Government is aiming to create a new data regime that is “based on common sense, not box ticking” to cement the UK's position as a science and tech superpower. Overall, the Government’s proposed reforms are guided by a set of principles that aim to:

  • Create a net benefit for the entire UK
  • Enable a future-proofed regime to support responsible innovation and focus on privacy outcomes
  • Deliver a high standard of data protection for citizens, while offering organisations flexibility in determining how to comply most effectively
  • Ensure organisations complying with the current regime remain largely compliant with future regulations, except for only a small number of new requirements
  • Actively take into account the benefits of responsible use of personal data, while proactively maintaining public trust in such uses

We were asked to partner with DCMS to convene businesses to discuss the Government’s proposals. We were joined by participants, from both large and small businesses, across a range of sectors, including pharma, fintech, transport and cloud service providers.

The discussion was opened by DCMS and chaired by Teneo Managing Director, Ollie Buckley. Ollie was previously Executive Director of the UK Government’s Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation – the body tasked with developing the right governance regime for data-driven technologies and brings a significant depth of insight from a career in Government data policy. The discussion focused on key aspects of the Government consultation in Chapters 1 to 3 and the full write up of the discussion can be viewed by clicking the "Download here" button below. The outputs of this are informing DCMS’s next steps.

Download here
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