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The Next Ten

The role of the Chief Executive has fundamentally shifted over the past decade and is sure to evolve more in the years to come.

Current headlines from Russia and Ukraine demonstrate how quickly and radically the global business landscape can change – and how high the stakes are for economies, businesses, leaders and consumers alike. This Economist Impact program, supported by Teneo, examines macro-forces that are reshaping our world in the coming decade and provides timely advice to CEOs looking to mitigate risks and leverage opportunities in this new era of dynamic change and stakeholder capitalism.

The Decade Ahead

Analysis of three evolving megatrends

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April 2022

Powering the Energy Transition


Prospects for Regulation of Emerging Technologies

Available Spring 2022

Business Continuity

Available Spring 2022

Executive Summary

Teneo Insights Series

In-depth analysis on issues that matter most to CEOs and their businesses

January 13

Tom Standage

Deputy Editor of The Economist & Editor of The World Ahead 2022

Moderated by Kevin Kajiwara, Co-President of Teneo Political Risk Advisory

The World Ahead 2022

Five stories to watch out for

Chapter 1

2022: How China will test America's global leadership

Chapter 2

What hybrid working will look like in 2022

Chapter 3

2022: Year of the Metaverse?

Chapter 4

Wakanda Forever: Why 2022 will be a big year for African designers

Chapter 5

How the space race will reach new heights in 2022

The World Ahead 2022

Five stories to watch out for

The Decade Ahead

Analysis of three evolving megatrends

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