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Investors want to see CEOs double the representation of voices of the next generation in today’s C-suite, which are firmly grounded in the past and present.

The current C-suite is clearly grounded in the past and present, with surprisingly few (28%) CEOs indicating that their executive teams represent the perspectives of future generations (Figure 16). The fact that investors (48%) have assumed that the current C-suite represents a much more future-/forward-leaning perspective is a missed expectation that companies need to address. CEOs risk setting strategy based on the perspectives of today’s stakeholders when investors are nearly twice as likely to expect a course based on future stakeholders.

Only 28% of CEOs indicate that their current executive teams represent the perspectives of future generations.

Question: Thinking about your group / CEOs’ groups of executive-level decision makers, do / should they represent the perspectives of past / current / future generations?

Figure 16: Perspectives of current executive-level decision makers

Today’s decision makers and investors differ on the qualities they believe will define the most effective CEOs of tomorrow. This suggests that companies have an opportunity to expand the lens through which they identify and equip the next generation of C-suite leadership.

Question: What skills and talents will the next generation of CEOs need to bring to their jobs?

Figure 17: Skills and talents of next-generation CEOs
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