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Executive Summary

Against the backdrop of looming global uncertainty, Teneo surveyed more than 300 global public company CEOs and institutional investors.

The survey finds that an uncertain macroeconomic outlook and deglobalization are among the top issues on the minds of leading CEOs and investors as they plan for 2023. It also uncovers some of the steps corporate leaders are taking in the face of disruptive forces, including economic conditions, geopolitics, ESG, talent and innovation.

In areas of strong agreement, such as preparing for deglobalization and the approach to addressing disruptive social issues, companies can feel confident in staying the course. In areas where perspectives differ, such as investing in emerging technologies, the importance of China and qualifications for next-generation CEOs, companies may be advised to rethink their current positions.

The insights in this report are intended to help businesses understand what the market expects of them, highlight areas in which they can stay in front of investor expectations, and better prepare for the immediate and longer term. The stakes have never been higher.


Teneo’s Vision 2023 CEO and Investor Outlook Survey was conducted by the firm’s in-house data, insights and analytics team. The survey includes the views of more than 300 global CEOs and institutional investors representing approximately $3 trillion USD of company and portfolio value.

CEOs represent a global distribution of publicly traded companies with a minimum annual revenue of $1 billion USD or greater. Large companies are defined as $10 billion+ USD in annual revenue; mid-sized companies are defined as $1 billion USD - $9.99 billion USD in annual revenue.

Investors include a global sampling of professional investors in investment banking, institutional investing, venture investing, asset management, private equity and hedge funds.

The survey was conducted between November 9 and December 6, 2022.

Note: Some columns throughout the report may total to more than 100% due to rounding. Asia / MENA is a small sample size relative to other geographic regions.

CEO and Investor Outlook Survey Report
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