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Teneo Releases its Annual Publication, Vision 2019.

New York and London, November 20, 2018 — Teneo, the global CEO advisory firm, today released the sixth edition of the annual Vision publication, titled: Vision 2019: Where Is The World Going? How Do We Get There First? a series of articles that provide analysis for senior executives on the outlook for markets, politics and business in the year ahead.

The full e-book can be viewed by clicking here.

“Vision 2019 is focused on the major issues at the top of the CEO’s agenda. Our authors cover the globe, analyzing macroeconomics and politics, regulation, new consumers and the shifts caused by technology, as well as new thinking around security, purpose, governance and oversight,” said Declan Kelly, Chairman & CEO of Teneo.

Teneo’s predictions for 2019 include:

  • The overheating of the U.S. economy, which will finally lead to the end of what has been an unusually long economic recovery period;
  • a continued increase in the pace, sophistication and complexity of AI, with winners defined as those organizations who will be able to accurately judge when and how to use this inevitable technology;
  • a rise in global capital inflows to those companies whose boards demonstrate the most effective oversight of their organization’s culture;
  • a continued trend towards the growing millennial population’s influence on companies’ ability to engage and retain customers;
  • a continuation, on a global scale, of the same populist, extremists and partisan sentiments that were a defining factor in 2018; and
  • even more pressure on CEOs and global business leaders by some of their most important stakeholders (investors, employees and customers) to take a decisive stance on moral, political and social issues.

“The predictions mapped out in this book discuss the challenge and opportunities for global business leaders; reflect upon the changing world we live in; and discuss the complexity of running a business with a dense and complicated network of stakeholders,” said Kelly. “Readers of this book will be provided with context for some of the most pressing reputational, transformational and capital markets issues that business leaders face.”

This is the sixth in a series of books Teneo has published on an annual basis, that provide predictions on business, politics and the economy for the coming year.