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Strategy & Communications Advisory

Corporate Governance Advisory

Building effective governance and compliance programs.

Today’s boards are faced with more scrutiny than ever before. A higher set of expectations from all stakeholders has created a new paradigm for boards to assess and manage on an ongoing basis. Through an all-encompassing suite of advisory services, Teneo helps companies and boards to:

  • Be Proactive and Strategic: Assess vulnerabilities before threats happen and build assessments and reviews into the wider strategic business planning process.
  • Comprehend and Communicate: Evaluate the landscape of investors’ perspectives, activist targeting, and regulators’ demands, and use communication tools to their fullest effect.
  • Engage and Disclose: Undertake a multi-year investor engagement plan with clear metrics and goals.

Board Advisory

The spotlight on boards continues to intensify with increasing demands and scrutiny from a variety of stakeholders – institutional investors, activists, the media, regulators and customers. The challenge of creating long-term shareholder value in the face of short-term pressures, combined with ongoing developments in corporate governance, has resulted in the effectiveness of the board as a high-functioning team, taking on even greater importance.

A strategic, high-functioning board is well-positioned to navigate complexities and add value. For the board to most effectively serve as an asset, best practice calls for proactive evaluation of board effectiveness on an ongoing, as opposed to reactive, basis.

As part of its board advisory program, Teneo works with clients to: review and discuss board composition, structure, expertise and knowledge as it relates to company strategy; identify vulnerabilities and alignment opportunities; and develop a customized board effectiveness plan to be implemented over a multi-year timeline.

Teneo also provides individualized coaching for current and prospective board directors to maximize impact in the boardroom, and has extensive experience building advisory boards to bring creative solutions to issues spanning market entry, ESG and cybersecurity. Our services include:

  • Director Diligence
  • Board Effectiveness & Succession Planning
  • CEO Succession Planning
  • Advisory Boards
  • Board Director Coaching & Advisory

Governance & Compliance

Board Advisory: Analysis and then, as required, development of a company’s board so it can function as an asset that supports a company’s strategic business imperatives and demonstrates its commitment to best practices, and engages in effective dialogue with shareholders.

Compliance Plans: Advisory on every aspect of compliance planning, from evaluation and assessment of the current compliance environment, all the way through to plan development and continual monitoring and revisions.

Governance Assessment: Assessment of key aspects of a firm’s governance practices and executive compensation program and benchmarking analyses on best-practice approaches.

We also advise how to develop and implement engagement strategies that ensure management and the board partake in effective dialogue with their investors, and demonstrate and communicate to key stakeholders the commitment of the board and executive management to global best practices.

Proxy Voting Issues

Proxy Assessment: Teneo’s experts review proxy statement disclosures and can provide support and recommendations for best positioning a company’s governance practices and executive compensation program.

Contested Meetings: Teneo works with companies to help them respond to and navigate contested situations in a way that will clearly articulate company strategy and garner support from all key stakeholders.

Investor & Proxy Engagement: Our team understand investors’ and proxy advisors’ viewpoints and policies, and can advise companies how to: develop and implement an effective shareholder engagement process; prepare and deliver a governance roadshow from an investor or proxy advisor perspective; engage effectively with proxy advisors; and identify and navigate potential areas of questions, criticism or push-back.

Corporate Governance Advisory Leadership