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Management Consulting


Digital Transformation

Enabling executives to drive value from their investment in digital.

We work with CEOs to reposition the digital posture of their businesses with a range of strategic digital transformation solutions and services, each with clear line-of-sight to financial and non-financial goals.

Digital has altered how business and people interact, creating unprecedented levels of access and disruption. Digital has changed the economics of business, and it has changed people’s expectations of customer service. To compete, companies need to redefine their focus, develop new expertise and devise new ways of working. Our Digital Transformation practice works with executives to navigate through this business  transformation, driven by a relentless focus on the customer to ensure business value.

New Revenue Streams: We help businesses expand into new sectors and/or generate new revenue streams to drive shareholder value.

Optimisation of business operations: We bring rigour to business operations and decision-making to help execute on digital transformation.

Creating investor value: We define and validate bespoke investment theses through innovative and robust digital narratives.

Social impact: We help build ESG strategies using the power of digital to address societal needs and improve the wellbeing of customers and employees.


Our Value Propositions

  • Customer experience transformation: exploring how companies can enhance specific points in their customers’ journey to ensure each interaction is informing the next, with context determining the appropriate mix of content, channel, technology and data.
  • Consumer analytics: combining the analysis of client and market data, deep qualitative insights, best practice and benchmarks to help clients identify areas and opportunities for revenue uplift.
  • New business model design: identifying and accelerating potential brand and service extension into both new and adjacent areas. Using our Accelerated Visioning method to turn an idea into a growth strategy supported by a robust business case, target operating model and executional roadmap, in a matter of weeks.
  • Operational efficiency: helping our clients to enable digitisation and organisational agility in a pervasive manner to revive, refresh and optimise business processes to improve operational efficiencies and realise value.
  • CapEx ROI improvement: assessing our client’s digital maturity, capability, program structure and performance to identify the ‘golden thread of value’ across a transformation program.
  • From ESG narrative to outcomes: working with clients to turn their ESG narrative and strategic goals into operational and system-driven capability, assisting them in designing and executing their ESG programs.