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Management Consulting


Business Analytics Strategy

Providing insight into what an organization’s customers really want. 

Teneo’s research and analysis professionals help clients turn information into insight by finding the data that matters and turning that data into actionable recommendations for their businesses.

Through a variety of advanced data collection and analysis methods, our business analytics team provides insight into influencers’ opinions and what an organization’s customers really want in order to:

  • Provide a uniquely-integrated view of stakeholder perceptions to develop the most impactful engagement programs
  • Help companies understand the effectiveness of their sales and marketing strategies and drive clear improvements in process and reporting

Our analysts combine client and market data, deep qualitative insights, best practice and benchmarks to help clients identify key areas of underperformance in how they identify opportunities, generate interest, and then convert and retain customers. Keeping customer objectives front of mind, we then work with our clients to develop new end-to-end sales processes, customer propositions, pricing models and organizational structures to drive improvement across a range of sales effectiveness measures. To implement these changes, we can either support our clients over a long-term change process, or develop highly detailed plans, monitoring tools and KPIs to give our clients the capability which they require to deliver change.