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COVID-19 Corporate
Response Strategies

Teneo has assembled experts from our Security Risk, Geopolitical Risk, Crisis Communications, Investor Relations and Management Consulting teams to help clients quickly and effectively respond to the COVID-19 crisis in order to protect employees, mitigate the impact on their businesses, and communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

Response Team

Our team is comprised of security practitioners, supply chain experts, management consultants, crisis and investor relations experts, investigators, intelligence analysts, technical advisors, and strategic partners, all of whom have a broad array of consulting, operational, policy, communications and advisory backgrounds from the world’s most respected public and private institutions.
Additionally, our team member and Senior Advisor, Dr. Jerome Hauer, is a leading expert in pandemics, emergency response, emergency management and crisis planning, having served in senior leadership roles with the Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Emergency Response.