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COVID-19 Corporate
Response Strategies

Teneo has assembled experts from our Security Risk, Geopolitical Risk, Crisis Communications, Investor Relations and Management Consulting teams to help clients quickly and effectively respond to the COVID-19 crisis in order to protect employees, mitigate the impact on their businesses, and communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

Recovery Approach

COVID-19 Recovery Continuum

Organizations will need to plan for the impending recovery phase along a continuum of stages and scenarios of improving health in society, in communities and individual organizations - businesses will need to evaluate the impact and duration of the crisis according to their unique business model and prepare for what will inevitably be a new normal for operating in the future.
  • Society Cases Decline

    • Number of infected slows significantly; eventual stop
    • Health system infrastructure improves, services and equipment readily available for those in need
  • Communities
    Demonstrate Health

    • Government quarantines lifted and commercial infrastructure comes back online, customer-facing establishments and services re-open, enabling wider business environment to begin to return to full operations
    • Businesses slowly begin to open, based on preparedness and position in supply chain
    • Schools re-open, social distancing relaxed and mass gatherings re-emerge
  • Companies
    Demonstrate Health

    • Previously deemed “non-essential employees’ return to corporate offices
    • Corporations re-open but may look and operate differently than pre-crisis
    • “Health” will be determined by operational decisions made as part of WFH procedures, closures, shut-downs or other procedures
  • New Normal

    • New business as usual with heightened public health awareness and evolved social needs and requirements
    • Evolution of social distancing

COVID-19 Recovery Framework

Our recovery framework follows a three-step program which enables clients to quickly map recovery strategies against future potential business and macroeconomic recovery scenarios, including a program of execution which includes management guidelines for operational and strategic communications decision-making by scenario.
  • Ongoing Pandemic and Recovery Intelligence Monitoring

    • Monitoring of global pandemic recovery including numbers of infected, deaths and recovered; associated public health or scientific and medical developments
    • Analysis and synthesis of political, economic and societal developments impacting business recovery
  • Recovery Scenario Planning

    • Evaluate current state of business operations and financial health as impacted by the crisis
    • Assess current state of customer, employee and investor response
    • Outline scenarios and business impact of V-shaped, U-shaped, and L-shaped economic recovery timelines on current state of business
  • Business Strategy Assessment

    • Define proposed financial, communications, security risk and operations-related strategy and actions aligned with potential economic recovery timelines
    • Prioritize key scenarios for execution based on social, economic and government developments
    • Leverage ongoing intelligence monitoring as inputs to refine recovery strategies
  • Execution Management

    • Based on intelligence monitoring and emerging recovery path, initiate critical actions related to financial, supply chain, customer and workforce management
    • Prepare and manage communications for both internal and external stakeholders related to corporate decisions and actions