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Capital Advisory

Independent Fiduciary Services

Teneo professionals act as bankruptcy trustees, plan administrators, post-bankruptcy trustees, examiners, receivers, monitors, and/or financial advisors to independent professionals playing trustee roles.

Teneo is regularly called upon to investigate and pursue litigation claims, perform administrative and financial functions, oversee management, wind-downs and asset disposition and make disbursements on behalf of trusts or estates.

Independent Roles

  • Bankruptcy-court appointed examiner or chapter 11 trustee
  • Post-confirmation liquidation or litigation trustee
  • Monitor or receiver appointed by regulatory authorities
  • Financial advisor to professionals filling roles set forth above

Fiduciary Functions

  • Marshall and protect assets
  • Value assets
  • Manage disposition of assets
  • Conduct forensic financial reviews
  • Reconstruct historical transactions and records
  • Pursue claims on behalf of trust beneficiaries
  • Oversee management’s ongoing operations, results and business
  • Prepare reports on findings
  • Make distributions
  • Maintain books and records