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Ruud Wassen

Ruud Wassen

Managing Director

Ruud Wassen is Managing Director in Teneo in Brussels. ​

His current responsibilities entail developing and implementing Teneo Strategy’s corporate growth trajectory in Brussels, identifying business development opportunities and motivating talent​.

Ruud has ten years of experience in strategic communications and public affairs advisory for both multinational companies and trade associations. A specialist in European legislative and regulatory advocacy, pan-European integrated campaigns, strategy development and company positioning, Ruud has since 2007 been advising various companies in the energy sector. This has entailed support with advocacy campaigns around the energy and climate change package, as well as counsel on numerous pieces of legislation, including on ‘comitology’, and media training. He worked with several oil and gas companies, advising them on their relations with EU institutions, particularly on energy and climate policy, during the review of the EU’s emissions trading scheme and internal market legislation. In addition, Ruud counsels a number of senior-level clients in the environment, tech, and financial services sectors.​

Earlier in his career, Ruud provided strategic advice to the CEOs of Europe’s mid- and downstream gas companies as Director of the strategy committee at Eurogas. He counselled several biofuels companies on the Renewables Directive, and provided strategic and operational support to one of the world’s leading chemical companies. ​

He also worked for a Dutch MEP in the European Parliament, and for two human rights NGOs. Ruud graduated from Maastricht University in the Netherlands with a degree in European Law. He also received a Master’s degree in War Studies from King’s College London. ​

Fluent in Dutch, English and German, Ruud works in French and also has a basic knowledge of Spanish and Portuguese.​