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Nicola King

Managing Director

Nicola King is a crisis and issues specialist, working with clients around the world to mitigate reputation risk, prepare their teams and their business to respond to crisis events and providing clients with strategic counsel during their most acute challenges.

With over 14 years’ strategic communications experience, Nicola has managed a range of crisis and reputation management issues including cybersecurity incidents, class action lawsuits, supplier disputes, regulatory investigations, restructuring, industrial relations, activist campaigns, workplace fatalities and operational failures. Nicola has hands-on experience of crisis management in a number of markets, including US, UK, Europe, China and the Middle East. She has supported clients across numerous sectors in both crisis preparedness and crisis response, including Dow, Shell, IBM, Bupa, HSBC, KPMG, Qatar Foundation and McDonalds.

Prior to joining Teneo in 2015, Nicola was Head of External Communications for a US-based health insurance company where she managed the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and led the communications response to a cyberattack that affected 11M people. During the UK’s financial crisis, Nicola was involved in strategic communications and stakeholder engagement at the Financial Services Authority.