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Laura Keller

Laura J. Keller

Senior Vice President

Laura J. Keller specializes as an executive communications coach at Teneo, helping business leaders at Fortune 500 companies navigate their most critical conversations and communications challenges.

Laura has prepared CEOs, c-suite executives and senior corporate leaders for a variety of high-stakes engagements, from media interviews and leadership transition announcements to international conferences, product launches and strategic updates. A former financial journalist, she has primed executives for conversations around investor days, earnings and debt offerings. Laura sits within the Strategy Group at Teneo, where she advises a diverse portfolio of clients on corporate narrative, financial communications, reputational challenges and media relations.

She has spent the last 13 years working in media and public affairs, becoming a recognized face in the financial community as a broadcast anchor and prominent newswire reporter. Prior to joining Teneo, she was the on-air anchor for a digital platform focused on the asset management industry. Laura spent five years at Bloomberg News, where she frequently reported on television as a fill-in anchor, senior member of the Finance Team and co-lead of distressed credit coverage. She regularly broke news on investment banks and restructuring situations that moved markets.

Laura has extensive experience covering a variety of business and public policy topics related to banking, credit markets, private equity, ESG, asset management and special situations. She has considerable expertise in distressed debt, activist restructuring scenarios and merger and acquisitions. She is a frequent moderator at business conference summits and host of live events.

She holds a master’s degree from Columbia University, and earned her class prize for business journalism. She graduated with special distinction from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s degree in economics and journalism.